Many a times, we face problems that are above our understanding. Even after doing everything right, our life keeps heading in a downward direction.Astrology is a proved science capable of transforming lives when guided in an appropriate way. The planets and celestial factors play a significant role in the way we live and hence must be taken into consideration. Proper knowledge of Astrology can help one plan in a way that unfortunate consequences can be minimized and apt decisions can be taken.

The science of Astrology is such that only a few blessed beings can master it. Shree Anand Pimpalkar is one such widely applauded Astrologer who can deliver the celestial knowledge with utmost proficiency. He ensures that everybody can get enough time in their appointment to let them communicate about their problems in entirety. Nobody has ever returned from his place without a solution to their problems.

By the means of this website, finding solutions to even the toughest of your problems has just become too easy. All you need to do is click the button given below and book an appointment according to your requirement.

Under this service, the seeker would get a chance to meet Guruji in person after fixing an appointment. In the meeting, you will be provided with a detailed analysis of your kundali after analyzing it through multiple ways.  Complete guidance along with the necessary measures will be provided to the seeker and finally, Guruji will clear the doubts of the seeker if any. No question will be left unanswered and the seeker’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

In the era in which everything can be obtained online, Guruji has decided to let the seekers obtain the benefits of his services digitally through this website.

Following are Guruji’s exclusive online services that can be availed by the seekers:

  • Online Kundali: Are you suffering due to some unknown reasons that you can never understand? Do you want to know what is beyond the obvious? Are some constraints preventing you from coming for personal consultancy? Don’t worry. Get your online Kundali, thoroughly analyzed and formulated by Guruji, delivered to you at your convenience.
  • Marriage: Marriage is one of the most important events in one’s life and just a brisk thought of it brings numerous questions in our minds. Guruji can provide the simplest answers to all your questions and keep you calm and composed when you deal with it.
  • Match-Making: It is true that matches are made in heaven. Over the years Guruji has brought together many souls who are living an extremely peaceful and happy life today. Through this service, seekers can ask for Guruji’s advice about a particular match and its suitability.
  • Ratna: Ratna or Gems are precious stones that contain specific energies. It has been scientifically proven that these gems have the power to influence the physical as well as psychological characteristics of the person wearing them. With his profound knowledge of stones, Guruji will guide you for obtaining the most suitable stone that will bring tremendous transformation in your life.
  • Education: Wondering which stream to get your child into? Not getting success in your current stream of education? Seeking for a professional advice? Guruji is the perfect person to go to as he has guided a number of students and professionals in their academic and career choices.
  • Baby Kundali: Being blessed with a baby is a huge deal for anybody. Starting a life with Guruji’s blessings that come along with the baby’s Kundali will guide you through all the opportunities your new one will have.

Note: Each of this service can be accessed with or without a Video Chat Session with Guruji.

Vastu defects and stresses due to environmental factors can cause distress to the people living or working in the space. Through proper knowledge of the Vastu Shastra and application of its different tools and techniques, a synergy can be developed between the celestial and earth energies. This synergy can eliminate all the negatives from the site and bring in positive waves and vibrations. The result is perennial happiness, wealth, health and satisfaction of the residents or workers.

Do you think your Vastu needs to be checked for defects? Are you planning to redevelop a site and wish to ensure its safety from the unforeseen risks and dangers? You are at the most accurate place.

An expert in Vastu Shastra and widely regarded as Vastuvachaspati, Guruji has transformed numerous Vastus just by visiting them. When at the site, he instantly catches even the slightest disturbance in the Vastu. Through his in-depth knowledge and overwhelming experience of 28 years, he comes up with a solution in no time. No matter how great the disturbance is, or whether the Vastu is a residential building or a commercial complex, Guruji has the solution to every problem.

Fix an appointment as soon as possible to be a part of the massive transformation yourself.

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. In the same context, a Vastu can be protected from the overlooked risks and distress even before the development of the site.

Vastu Shastra involves the study and analysis of the various elements like directions, environmental factors, celestial and earth energies and their impact on the site. The wellness and peace of those living on the Vastu is considerably influenced in the way how the building is constructed. The direction of gates, allocation of doors, rooms and other spaces are some of the key parameters of the building, which need to be appropriately planned according to Vastu Shastra.

Guruji has studied and analyzed many plans and suggested accurate changes to them. These plans have further been developed into impressive buildings with their occupants enjoying graceful vibrations and positive energy.

If you have a ready plan and are seeking for an expert opinion from the most renowned professional in the field, bring your plan to Guruji right now.