About me

Right from the age of 16, Shree Anand Pimpalkar has been deeply connected with the universe. His abilities have allowed him to pick up information and feelings from people. He can also assimilate vibrations and messages from spirits and souls. Using his gifts, he wants to help provide people with the information they are seeking regarding their present, future or past.

Shree Anand Pimpalkar is the most trusted and well-known Astrologer in Maharashtra. However, his services are sought after by people all over India, USA, Canada, Singapore, UAE and rest of the world as well. Since the past 28 years, Guruji has been consistently studying and practicing Astrology, and has so far published 52 books. He is a recipient of three gold medals in Astrology and Vastu Shastra and has been regarded as Vastu Vidyavachaspati and Astrology Vidyavachaspati.

In the last 10 years, he has appeared on various TV channels like Saam TV, Zee 24 Tas, ETV Marathi, TV9 Marathi and also on Radio 91.1, 94.3, 98.3 FM to promote Vastu Shastra and its scientific significance. Multiple social institutions have honored him with 90 awards for his distinguished contribution in the social sector. His articles are regularly published in recognized newspapers and magazines. Every year people eagerly wait for his ‘Anandi Vastu Dindarshika’, to be published. ‘Anandi Vastu’, a three-hour informative cum entertaining event on Vastu Shastra has been organized over 900 times all over Maharashtra by Guruji.

Anandi Vastu as an integral organization was created by Guruji in 1991 with the aim to promote Vastu Shastra and increase its acceptance. He envisions to use its principles to help architects and residents achieve happiness, success and lead a comfortable life. Guruji has spent numerous years in the scientific study of Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Gemology and numerology.

Notably, Guruji experimented with Vastu Shastra and experienced the adverse effects himself to find `remedies. His bestseller “Anandi Vastu” is a detailed account of the outcomes of his experiments and self-realizations. Through this work, an effort has been made to bring out experience, ancient Vastu knowledge and the scientific bases of Vastu Shastra, to the society.

Over the years he has experienced that many have the knowledge they seek, within their own selves. All they need to find is the right spiritual guidance. Whenever questions of ‘What’ or ‘When’ trouble you, whenever a tough choice is to be made from multiple options, whenever the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ take away your peace, come seek for Guruji. He will guide you through this maze of uncertainties called life.

Individual Consultancy, Online Predictions, Onsight Vastu Visits and Vastu Plan Visit are his primary services. Shree Guruji also guides people for the future using different Ratnas, Yantras, Shanti-karma, Mantra and Hasta Resha. He has visited construction sites of prominent institutions and suggested measures to instill peace and prosperity. In the case of pre-built structures, he has proposed solutions to remove faults without disturbing the original design.

Guruji has successfully helped people who are in dreadful life situations like marriage delay issues, relationship problems, monetary complications, health issues and clog situations like job transfer, court case, job offer, etc. Everyone who showed up at his door with woes and sufferings have returned with a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction after meeting him.

Future Plans:-

Guruji has envisioned a “Ved Vidnyan Park” by the establishment of ashramas to acquaint the future generations with the science behind the Vedas through live experimentation. He will also demonstrate the importance of Ayurveda by planting and preserving various rare species. The last key facet of his magnificent project will be the reconstruction of ancient architecture and societal structure to offer them a glimpse of our ancient culture.