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Guruji has successfully helped people who are in dreadful life situations like marriage delay issues, relationship problems, monetary complications, health issues and clog situations like job transfer, court case, job offer, etc. Everyone who showed up at his door with woes and sufferings have returned with a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction after meeting him.

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Shree Anand Pimpalkar is the most trusted and well-known Astrologer in Maharashtra. However, his services are sought after by people all over India, USA, Canada, Singapore, UAE and rest of the world as well. Since the past 28 years, Guruji has been consistently studying and practicing Astrology, and has so far published 52 books. He is a recipient of three gold medals in Astrology and Vastu Shastra and has been regarded as Vastu Vidyavachaspati and Astrology Vidyavachaspati. Multiple social institutions have honored him with 90 awards for his distinguished contribution in the social sector.

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Anand Pimpalkar About Me

Personal Consultancy

A Complete Life Kundali will be generated and full consultation will be provided in a one-hour session by Guruji Himself.

Online Prediction

A five different types of Kundali to choose from as per your requirements. These will be home delivered in 20-30 days.

Vastu Visit

Your Vastu will be visited by either Guruji or his assistant, hence, any suggestions or remedies required will be provided.

Vastu Plan Analysis

Your Vastu Planning consultation and plot visit will be made to provide Vastu related suggestions and remedies..

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